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    Inserting a New Hyperlink in InDesign CC 2014 & 2015 Causes Crash Every Time!!

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      I have an ongoing issue that I've been working with Adobe Enterprise Support with for a few weeks now.  It's incredibly frustrating and my designers that insert hyperlinks to internal company webpages or documents are causing InDesign CC to crash every time.  This issue was not occurring just a few months ago when they were working on their 2009 Mac Pro towers with Snow Leopard and InDesign CS6.  However, since upgrading the entire design team to new MacBook Pro's with Yosemite 10.10.3 and Adobe CC 2014.2, this issue has begun and come full circle.


      I've found the discussions that point to the new Hyperlinks Panel that could be the culprit as well as unchecking Shared Hyperlink Destination...and even attempting to change the styles from same style to hyperlink default to a newly created hyperlink style and to no style.  In 2 instances (of about 35 attempts) has the hyperlink been allowed to be inserted without InDesign freaking out. 


      The crash reports all point to a network issue.  I would be happy to provide one, but I'm fairly certain I would be told the same thing.  I'm unaware if our enterprise support agreement allows for a technical rep to come to our company and look at this further, but that is about where I am headed because nothing I've tried has resolved this issue.  And since our design work is rebelled out to other debts within the corporation, jobs that would normally cost the same amount are costing more because of the additional time wasted on exporting the indd document to pdf and manually adding the hyperlinks to the pdf...taking 4x as long than inserting them in InDesign as we've always done.


      I don't even know what questions to ask anymore because it should NOT be this hard to insert internal hyperlinks into documents that have existed for years and updated in earlier version of CS...but now with the coming of CC are impossible to edit/add.


      If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!  If anyone would like to come out to Findlay, OH to assist...I would be even more grateful!  I will post a crash report if asked (please provide an address to send that to).

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          Did you ever find a solution to your problem as I am having exactly the same problems plus every time you try and copy and paste anything, it goes into beach ball mode for at least 15 seconds.  Please let me know if you have had any luck.  Many thanks!




          P.S.  They should allow us to put all the hyperlinks that we need in our documents and then activate them after we've inputted them all.  I think that the hyperlinks panel is so busy trying to activate the links to the internet while it goes along that it is taking forever to do a single task that needs a link.

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            Nope...no one has replied and Enterprise Support is worthless in this respect.  Almost wish they would just send someone out to look at this.  Its still an issue, but have discovered a workaround.  In our environment, being connected to shared network resources (snapped drives) seems to be the cause.  When all network drives are ejected, hyperlink additions & changes work just fine.  I'm sure they will say its a problem with our network security, but I have had others add hyperlinks and not have this issue.