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    Targeting Stage Symbol Correctly Edge Animate

    jacobonline Level 1

          I'm having trouble understanding how to target my symbol.  I can target the element within but not the symbol (finalCta) itself. Below I'm trying to set the autoAlpha to 0. Works on the element but not the symbol. Maybe I'm not fully understanding symbols either. Any solutions or hints will do

      Thank You


        Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "document", "compositionReady", function(sym, e) {

               // insert code to be run when the composition is fully loaded here


               //New Timeline for finalCta

               var tl = new TimelineLite ({paused:true, autoAlpha:0});


               //finalCta Symbol

               //var symFinal = sym.getSymbol('finalCta');


               var symFinal = sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("finalCta");


               var bg_white = symFinal.$('bg_white');

               var logo_main = symFinal.$('logo_main');

               var txt_learn = symFinal.$('txt_learn');

               var btn_bg = symFinal.$('btn_bg');



               TweenLite.set(logo_main, {autoAlpha:0});

                //Does not Work

               TweenLite.set(symFinal, {autoAlpha:0});


            //Edge binding end




         //Edge symbol end:'stage'