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    AE Pro Import Error (Importing FCP7 XML Files)


      I have had this problem for sometime. When I try and import an FCP7 XML using AE Pro Import, I get the attached error (see screenshot).Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.37.18 PM.png

      I have had this problem on more than one system now, on every version of AE since Pro Import became an added feature. I am currently trying this on Yosemite, on a 17" Macbook Pro from early 2011.


      I have called in about this problem before twice, and troubleshooted for 60min+ with the AE representative. They told me they were going to try a couple more things and contact me back. This has happened twice with no callback. I have no one to follow-up with at Adobe since ! it is a call-back-to-user system.


      Is there any adobe staff (or online users) that can help me with this error.

      Thank you,