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    Photomerge from external Drobo 5D Thunderbolt - preview does not generate


      Photomerge works great with my computer - 15" 2012 i7 MacBook Pro - 10.10.4


      However, if my source photographs are on my external Drobo 5D via Thunderbolt, the photomerge simply does not generate a preview - I wait and wait and wait and nothing moves with the progress-bar.


      Anyone else getting this with special externals, such as Drobo, Raid arrays, etc?


      Wondering if it might be a Thunderbolt issue, too.  I'll check with the USB 3 connection and give it a test...


      ******update:  Just tried USB 3 connection with the Drobo 5D and it's still not generating the preview.  Seems to be something with the Drobo array.  Ideas?