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    loop 2 times at 15 seconds and on the third loop stop at 14 seconds

    productionArtistChad Level 1

      Well i posted 3 weeks ago with no answer ill try again. I need this for work seeing as how flash was killed a couple weeks ago this is pretty important.


      I found code that loops the banner I made 3 times and stops but I need it to loop 3 times and then stop before the last frame. here is the current code I have on the last frame


      if(!sym.loop) {

      sym.loop = 1;


      sym.loop += 1;

      if(sym.loop <= 3) {




      so at 15 seconds (the last frame of the banner) it works correctly by looping and stopping on the 3rd loop. but when I try to move this code to 14 seconds and replace sym.play(0) with sym.play() and at 15 seconds I have sym.play(0) it just loops forever.


      The reason I need it to play from 14 seconds to 15 seconds before it goes to frame 1 is that I have the whole banner fades to black before it goes to frame 1 so that it is a smooth transition instead of an abrupt jump from the last frame to the first. and obviously I cant have the banner end on the 3rd loop to a black frame.


      so what I want is for the banner to loop 2 times at 15 seconds and on the final loop stop at 14 seconds.