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    AE CC lag

    gosti500 Level 1

      Im having this lag issue, if i try to work with video files, like camera footage or so it lags like hell i cant do anything.

      if the scene is full 3D and is not using any footage at all, somehow it runs very smooth

      AE lag issue - YouTube



      Specs: Win7 64bit

                 GTX 560Ti 1GB

                 Intel core I5 2500k quad core

                 12gb of ram

                 128 SSD

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you updated Windows 7 to Service Pack 1?

          What is your full version number of AE (down to the last decimal)?

          Is your footage located on your SSD? If so, how much space do you have left on that drive? If not, what kind of drive is your footage on and how is it connected?

          Also, has it every worked before?

          How much AE experience do you have?

          When you say your scene is full 3d, what do you mean?

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            gosti500 Level 1

            1. yes service pack 1 is installed

            2. i use 13.0 most of the time, but its the same with the new version 13.5

            3. no its aktually not, this could be the problem (after moving the clips to my ssd its definetely faster than before, but still pretty slow in general)

            4.my ae has lagged since i can imagine,

            5. about one year

            6. ive linked a youtube video wich discribes my problem, by full 3D i basically mean my minecraft world imported as an .obj and doing camera movement stuff


            ty for this answer

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Element renders extremely fast, this is its main selling point. The reason it's so smooth with your Element 3D layer is that Element works on the GPU and your Minecraft world is being rendered on that. In addition, the models are not very detailed. Everything is working together to make your Element render be really fast.

              The footage, on the other hand requires a lot of computer power to deal with it. Any sort of interframe compression (like the H.264 codec used in MP4 files) requires your computer to decode full-frame information from partial-frame information for every frame of the video. It also requires your computer to pull a TON of data for every frame. If your footage is on an external device that's using a slow transfer rate (like USB 2.0), that can also slow it down. Besides all that, After Effects doesn't blaze through video files. After Effects is not a video editing program. It handles video very differently from, say, Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro can play back a video stream, AE doesn't do that. AE works on full-frame pixel information.

              That being said, in your example, it did seem slower than expected, what sort of device held your footage when you recorded that example and how was it connected to your computer?