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    White line when changing color

    reindeer4 Level 1

      Hi.  I'm using After Effects CS6.  I have a person wearing a white tunic, outlined in black, that I need to change to a brown tunic, outlined in the same black.

      When I use Change Color or Change To Color, I keep getting this white area inside the black outline.


      I've tried playing with curves and levels and a couple of other color effects to no avail.


      Any suggestions on how to fix this?


      To complicate things, I'm using the DUIK plug-in to animate this person, so the body parts are already broken into pieces and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the animation that's already been made.  And this is all in 2d (not 3d) so can't isolate the person from the tunic via 3d effects.  Thanks.                                                                  tunic_white_artifact.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The change color effect is going to give you some aliasing issues. If it were me I would edit the original artwork. If it was created in Illustrator it is going to be easy. Photoshop will be a little more difficult but either will work much better than applying the change color effect in AE.