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    Popup hell

      Could Someone please help. I have a button that opens a popup containing the text of one of four Movie Clips that came with a Flash template that I have bought. I have duplicated one of these Movie Clips and replaced the text with my own. What I want be able to do is press the button and see the popup containing the text from my Movie Clip.

      So far I have managed to change the popup heading by changing the _root.TM_title = "Read more 6"; line in the code below and if I change the READ = 6 number to any other number then it will change the popup text but only ever to that contained in one of the original Movie Clips but not to that of my own duplicated Movie Clip

      _root.scroller._x = 100;
      _root.scroller._y = 150.7;
      _root.TM_title = "Read more 6";
      _root.READ = 6;

      What am I doing wrong?

      TIA for your help