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    LR6 locks up hard in Soft Proofing


      Develop module -- When I choose Soft Proofing then try to choose OTHER in the profile drop down, LR6 locks up hard. The only way to resolve it is to use TASK MANAGER and end the process.  Other apps are still working fine, and no other abnormalities are noticed. This happens everytime, after reboot and after updating OS, LR6 and video driver.  I can select between SRGB or ADOBE as many times as I want.


      The PC is a WIN 7 Pro, 64b, LR6 latest version and video driver latest version.  The PC is an HP Envy 700-515xt, just a few months old.  16MB ram, i7 - 4790, Sandisk Extreme SSD for the boot drive.  I need to select specific paper profiles and can't do it.


      Looking towards this community for help.