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    Adobe has hijacked my Lightroom


      First of all let me say I am NOT an Adobe fan. Sorry if that upsets you but that's how it is.


      As a longtime user of Aperture on my iMac, it became obvious when Apple decided not to upgrade that app any more that I needed to find a different software for processing my RAW photos. I spoke with a lot of people and in the end, very reluctantly, I purchased a hard copy (disk) of Lightroom 5. Although I had never really used it I even got an upgrade for it from Adobe was it made available (5.5 or something like that). I used my license and messed around with it a tiny bit but put it away for some months when I knew I would have an extended period of time to really learn the software. In the meanwhile, I have continued to use Aperture.


      Anyway, the first step for me  in learning Lightroom was a third-party Webinar a couple months back that discussed using the new features in Lightroom 6 (this was prior to 6 being released) in conjunction with on1's photo software. Part of the requirement for accessing the Webinar was to download Lightroom 5 CC, which I did. My 30-day trial with CC Lightroom is long over and now my extended period I had determined to learn Lightroom  has arrived. But when I open it, the software tells me that my access to it has expired and I need to renew my subscription. I don't want to use CC, I want to use the hard copy I purchased. I am afraid to delete Lightroom and then attempt to reinstall from my hard copy disk because I fear Adobe will say I had already used that license and can no longer use it.


      I would like to know how I go about getting rid of the CC version of Lightroom and be able use the hard copy version I had previously downloaded onto my iMac. I feel like Adobe has hijacked my hard copy and that I threw money away purchasing their product. I just want to use it instead of going to a different vendor for photo processing.  Is there a way to do that?

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming you still have your LR5 serial number for the CD, I would:

          uninstall LR 5cc.

          Install LR5 from the disk.

          Register it with the serial number.

          Upgrade your 5.x version to the latest 5.7.x version.


          I cannot say this is guarantied to work, as Adobe tends to make installing and registering software way harder than necessary. However, it is what I would do.

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            gr8fulted Level 1





            Thanks so much for your response. I had actually solved the problem myself prior to receiving your reply. I unstalled the CC Reader and the went to the Adobe web site and reinstalled the 5.7.1 update. That worked. You are totally correct in how difficult Adobe makes it for their customers.


            Again, thanks for getting back to me.