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    Saying incorrect Adobe ID on Kobo


      Hi all,


      I used my Kobo Aura to read books from my library via Adobe Digital Editions and at first it worked easily enough - create an ID, authorize my computer, authorize my Kobo, and read!  But today I got a new laptop and I authorized it with the same Adobe ID and then when I tried to transfer a new library book to my Kobo and read it on the Kobo, I keep getting the message that the book is authorized to a different Adobe ID than what my Kobo is authorized on.  However, when I go and check what ID my Kobo is authorized to and the ID my computer and eBook are authorized to, they are all the same.


      I've tried factory resetting my Kobo as well and it hasn't worked.  Any advice?  I'm travelling soon so I really wanted something to read for the long flight.


      Thanks for the help!