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    error code 2038 / error Check Activation!

    Mr. Diggs

      I need help fixing my ADE. The version I downloaded in 2011 worked perfectly until sometime between 12/21/14 and 7/26/15. I purchased and attempted to download / open a DRM EPUB from Google Play only to get error code 2038. After reading forums here, I did the following:


      1. Set my Windows firewall to let ADE through

      2. Downloaded most recent updates for Adobe Flash

      3. Downloaded most recent ADE version


      I am able to:


      1. Check out ebooks from my library using Overdrive. ADE opened it and allowed me to transfer to my Kobo (N416)

      2. Download non-DRM protected ebooks from Kobo


      I am not able to:


      1. Download / open DRM protected ebooks from Kobo that I previously purchased and successfully downloaded.

      2. Download / open books purchased from Google Play that I previously successfully downloaded.


      I spent 90 minutes with Google Tech Support 7/29/15 with them trying to figure out of the problem was on their end. Clearly not, since I can download from the library and non-DRM protected books.


      Now, with the newest ADE version, when trying to access a book I purchased from Kobo or Google Play, I get a "Check Activation!" message.


      This is irritating and unacceptable. I should not have to buy a Kindle to remedy this problem and customer support should be able to assist with free software in order to expedite solutions.


      If anybody can spell out a solution, you'll make me very happy!