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    Not Recording IE7 Splitter Actions

      Hi... I'm trying to record an ie7 window that has lots of client-side stuff -- a splitter that behaves like the one in outlook that let's you expand/collapse or resize panes. I've tried every setting I can imagine, but when I record the ie 7 window, it seems to miss many of my actions. I've tried recording real time, tried disabling acceleration, all with the same results. Here's a public web page where my results can be duplicated (though it's not exactly the same as my page, it's close enough). Can anyone figure out how to record this page and playing with the splitter?

      http://webui.componentart.com/splitter/features/full_windowSplitter/FullWindowSplitter.asp x

      Thanks. --- Alain
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello Alain,

          When you say "recording in real time" do you mean "Record actions in real time"? If so, then I would suggest that you use Full Motion Recording (FMR) instead. Normally FMR is automatically triggered when you perform a drag and drop action or use your mouse wheel; however, it is possible that IE7 is preventing this from occurring. To get around this Press F9 to manually start a FMR session and once you have captured all your actions press F10 to stop the FMR session and resume Captivate's normal capture mode once more.

          Please bear in mind that all FMR sessions created in Adobe Captivate cannot be edited either so any mistakes you may make will show up.