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    Slow thumbnail update

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      Hi all,


      Can someone tell what to look at for solving this problem.

      When I crop books in LR the building up of the thumbnails is very slow (5sec per picture)


      Here's is my workflow:

      I import in a new catalog hundreds of Tifs (16bit - 285Mb) of photographed manuscripts.

      I crop the middelst book (as this one is the largest) and then sync this crop setting over the other pictures. Each book is verified and adjusted one by one, because the book is sometimes moving between the shots. Then I export the cropped tifs to another folder "Finished books"

      Then I watch the subfolders in Bridge, where the first problem appairs: slow building up of the thumbs...

      I do this in Bridge because of I batch all those tifs to Jpgs in 4 different sizes with the Image Processor Pro from Dr.Brown's Services 2.3.0

      When all is done and organised in their respectivelly folders and subfolders, I send them to the client on a harddrive.

      Next step is to copy all these folders from my internal 'workdrive' to an external harddrive where I stock all the client's other photo sessions.


      As all my external harddrives (32 drives) are cataloged in my Main Drive catalog, I then Synchronize the clients' main folder so it sees the new cropped pictures in their respective folder and subfolder, and there starts the second turn of slow building up of every picture ! 5 seconds per Tif and that for thousands of pictures...! And third problem: it only builds the thumbs for those visible in the window, not those underneath ...


      On a max out MacPro 2013 - 64Mb ram - 1 TB SSD

      All latest versions of LR 2015.1.1 - PS - Bridge


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