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    LR6.1 and Macbook Pro




      I'm having a Macbook Pro with LR6.1 installed, when editing or just looking at my pictures, LR is really slow. It lags and LR is almost sometimes useless


      Spec on Macbook:

      Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel core i5

      RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3l

      Graphic: Intel Iris 1536 MB

      500GB flash storage


      This Mac is more than powerful enough for LR usage ?


      When I use LR the CPU usage is very high!. Sometimes close to 200% (I guess this is because there are 2 cores CPU?)


      LR also use a lot of virtual memory, it actually use more virtual memory than real memory


      This is what system info from Lightroom is showing:

      Real memory available to lightroom: 16384,0 MB

      Real memory used by lightroom: 2579,3 MB

      Virtual memory used by lightroom: 4119,8 MB

      Does anybody experience the same problem, or is there something wrong with my Macbook pro ?


      I do also need to mention that all my pictures are located on an external disk.

      When editing picture on my iMac, I'm not experience the same problem. Main different between Macbook Pro and iMac is that iMac has


      Spec iMac 27"


      3,4 GHz Core i7 and

      Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675 MX 1024MB

      Any suggestion on what can be wrong or what I can do to find the source of the problem ?


      Best Regards