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    Question about MX7 and Oracle 10GR2 RAC

      Can someone tell me if it's possible to pass parameter names to and oracle function in MX7. I have a function that returns a refcursor that worked fine as a simply function now it's an overloaded function and I need to pass different parameter names and I cannot get it to work. Is this a problem with MX7?
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          paross1 Level 2
          I don't know if this helps, but there is a reply comment from Macromedia at the bottom of the MX 6 LiveDocs for tag cfprocparam which was in response to a comment pointing out that calling overloaded stored procedures containing refcursors did not work. (I submitted a similar question to Adobe last night in the MX 7 version of LiveDocs for cfprocparam and am waiting for it to post.)

          Macromedia jrunrandy said on Jun 30, 2005 at 9:45 AM :
          I checked and regret to say that this isn't supported. There is a bug for this issue, 53122, but it hasn't been addressed as of CFMX 7.

          I think that this is going to be as official of a response from Macromedia/Adobe as you are going to get unless you open a trouble report yourself. I hope that this is enough to satisfy the requirements of your DBA. Otherwise, you are probably going to have to shell out the cash for an official trouble report to Adobe (unless you have paid support).

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            paross1 Level 2
            FYI, they have added my comment regarding the fact that overloaded stored procedures with refcursors still do not work, to the current version of cfprocparam tag in Live Docs.