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    Lightroom > Photoshop > Export to jpg - weird colour loss, any clues…

    Evil J Guano


      I've been using CS4 and just upgraded to CC2015.

      Started a new workflow using Lightroom > Photoshop, loving it so far except…


      So, I make some changes to image in Lightroom and then edit in PS for sizing etc for website production.

      If I choose the option to take the Lightroom editing into PS all looks well until I 'Export as' in PS to jpg.

      The images look like some kind of default setting, washed out and lacking any of the edits that have carried through from LR to PS.

      The image looks great in PS but awful in export window and then when exported to jpg.


      If I choose the 'edit the original' rather than with LR edits it works fine… odd.


      Unless I'm missing something obvious?


      Any clues?