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    Windows 10 update - Premiere Elements 10 having issues with preview area


      Hi, I've just updated to windows 10 with very few issues - everything appears to work fine.

      I just tried to start a new video edit using elements 10. It all loads up fine, but I have no picture in the preview window (its just grey).

      The strange thing is, if I open a previous older project, the picture appears in the preview window, but If I try adding additional footage to that project, the additional footage does not work.


      I am using .MTS files in all cases (the files play fine outside of premiere).


      I've just noticed that if I add a video effect (just added image control) the picture suddenly appears in the window. However, if I fade in/out, the video will not play during those fade sections. Also, once rendered, the video will not show in the preview window.


      Any help appreciated. Thanks.