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    Do I Raid 0 it?




      I'm trying to figure out the best possible HDD setup for Premiere Pro CC 2014.2.


      This is my current setup and I'm having some performance issues_


      1 Samsung 850 Evo SSD 500GB - C: (OS and Programs)


      1  WD Black 4TB HDD - D: (Project and Media Files)

      WD Black 4TB HDD - E: (Preview and Cache Files)


      (plus an external 3TB for backup)

      I've also tried moving the cache to C: and still I fill it is still dragging a bit.

      I can't buy any more HDD's and I was wondering if it's worth putting D: and E: in Raid 0 meaning I'd have to have all, project, media and previews together and also lose 4TB.

      So is it worth it?

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          What is the rest of your system specs?

          What type of media are you editing?

          What are the performance issues?

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            Bill Engeler Level 3

            With raid 0, you won't lose 4GB, you will have the same size storage, just striped across 2 disks. You have to think about backing up the raid religiously, as failure and loss of all data must be expected.


            It won't hurt performance, but how much it will help depends on the answers to Peru Bob's questions.

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              charlievec Level 1

              Mostly I edit and post produce on ARRI ProRes 4444 2k and DNxHR, I also do VFX and After Effects works fine. Playing unrendered clips works ok (or as expected), but exporting or rendering preview takes forever. I mostly do color correction in Premiere and since I haven't upgraded to 2015 I'm stuck using Colorista for now which doesn't use CUDA. When rendering preview my CPU won't max and I get feel that the HDD's are to blame for the slow render.


              This is my setup, I have to point out that this wasn't exactly my choice, but rather what I was given to work with:

              CPU Intel Core i7-4790K

              GPU Geforce 980

                      Intel HD 4600

              Motherboard ASUS Z97


              As for Raid 0 I was under the impression that using 2x 4TB in Raid 0 I would only get 4TB.



              And thanks for the quick reply!

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                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                How many cores and what speed is the CPU?  Is it hyperthreaded?

                Your hard drive setup is probably the bottleneck.  More, faster drives (SSD, perhaps) would help.


                RAID 0 will give you 4+4=8TB

                RAID 1 will give you 4TB with a mirror image of 4TB.  Good for backup, but slower performance.

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                  charlievec Level 1

                  It's a Quad-Core 4.00Ghz, and it does support hyperthread, i'm not sure if its active, because I only get 4 cores (if it was I would get 8 cores right?)


                  More faster drives I would like but I'm not getting any since the computer doesn't actually belong to me and I have to wait a while before an upgrade.


                  That's why I was wondering how I could get a faster performance with the same hardware.

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                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I wouldn't bother upgrading a quad core with more drives.  It won't help much.

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                      charlievec Level 1

                      So I should just stick with what I have as far as RAID is concerned?

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                        Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I would.

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                          charlievec Level 1

                          Thank you so much for the insight. Less work for me!


                          My Regards

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                            Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            You're welcome. 

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                              JFPhoton Level 3

                              Your CPU is fine....it DOES have four physical cores and 8 "threads" with the hyperthreading and should be using all of them with Premiere. Its base clock speed is 4.0 Ghz and it will "turbo" up to 4.4 Ghz without having to overclock. That is very good performance.

                              Your GPU is fine....one of the best....the 980

                              You have NOT mentioned how much SYSTEM MEMORY in that PC !!!.....this is CRITICAL to performance.....ESPECIALLY with After Effects. You should have at LEAST 32GB of system memory.....24 would be " OK"....and 16 would be low by today's standard.  Premiere has been improved to make greater use of memory to greatly improve performance....I've seen memory usage surpass 20GB on my LAPTOP while editing !! So, add memory if is low and make sure your settings in Premiere and After Effects are properly set for the amount of "processors" to be used and that the memory is properly allocated. AE will use ALL the memory you can throw at it.


                              Although the Samsung 850 Pro SSD is known as the best SATA III SSD there is, the cheaper "EVO" has shown not to be ideal for video editing. It has an inferior controller and has been known to be slow in writing data. Bill Gehrke ,here on this forum, had to return his due to problems....the "Pro" version is fine.

                              However, your MAIN problem lies with the slow speed of your two spinning hard drives. They are affected by "latency" AND "fill degradation"......a half -filled HDD will run at half the original speed of when it was empty. PLUS, each drive needs to be "defragged" for best performance.


                              Putting the two drives into a RAID 0 would create a big problem ! How would you back up 8 TERABYTES of data ???.....even if you got a better speed from them.


                              It may be best to purchase a HIGH SPEED external device which is large enough to edit a single project on.....and even to render to, as well.  Such a device could be the new Samsung T1 USB 3 SSD which OVERCOMES the normal USB 3 "speed limit" to perform at the level of an internal SSD.....while running on a USB 3 connection !!!  Bill Gehrke has one and is reporting over 400 MB/sec. read, and 399 MB/sec. write speed. It has a capacity of 1 TB. the downside is that this external SSD is expensive...over $400.  The 500GB model is $215 at B&H


                              If you chose that solution, your existing drives could be to house all your backups, archives, and original footage. If your projects are SMALLER, you can achieve the same thing using a HIGH SPEED USB THUMB DRIVE.....there are 128GB  and 256 GB models that run at near 200 MB/sec. read and write for cheap.


                              The Crucial MX 200 series SSDs are very close in performance to the Samsung Pro SSDs....a 1 TB internal model is $359


                              If you cannot purchase anything to  remedy the drive speed problem....at least make sure you get the best out of what is there. That means :


                              1. turn off "indexing" on ALL the drives in the system

                              2. Make sure only the Operating System, Programs, and Windows page file are on the EVO boot drive.

                              3. Get rid of any files not needed on both spinning HDDs and DEFRAG them both.

                              4. Make one HDD a "cache drive" that has all previews, data cache, cache from Premiere on it AND which would be the "global performance cache" for After Effects. The other drive would be for all your media and project files.

                              5. Go to : PPBM7.com   ( might be PPBM8.com now) and test your current machine with the video benchmark program for Premiere.  This will identify any "bottlenecks" in your system....this site is run by Bill Gehrke and Harm Millard.