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    Buttons are longer when scaled


      I'm using InDesign 2014 and I'm creating a web-based app for the iPhone. I have the liquid layout set for Scale. That way, no matter what device you view the app on, it has the same layout.


      However, when I view the app on a larger device than the iPhone, all of the buttons are stretched out. By this I mean, on an iPad, the image of the button is only about 1/10th of the screen, but you can 'click' and activate the button outside of the button's image. The reason for this is because on the iPhone, the size of the button's image and the button are about 47% of the screen. Below is a screen shot of the problem on a laptop browser. The blue rectangle is where you can activate the button. However, I only want the button to activate on the button's image.



      Does anyone know how to fix this?