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    Hot spot not working properly

    Corrie1000 Level 1

      Here's a link to my file:


      Adobe Creative Cloud


      (Using the latest version of Adobe Edge CC)


      Please can anyone tell me why my 'hot spot' isn't working properly in the attached file?


      Clicking on each of the small buttons opens and closes their respective speech bubbles. A hot spot over the whole screen area should be clickable to close the speech bubble




      In my file, the area over the 'mode_count_bubble' is not clickable, even though the hotspot is in front of the speech bubble graphic. The hot spot is clickable and working as expected if I click anywhere else on the screen.


      If I swap the layer order of the 2 speech bubble symbols so that the 'mode_count_bubble' is in front of the 'idle_tether_bubble' the problem stops for the mode count bubble and starts for the idle tether bubble

      i.e. whichever speech bubble symbol is behind, the hotspot stops working over the speech bubble area


      Thanks for help in advance