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    scroll Pane content doesn't work

      ok, so i've got a movie with a scrollpane (god these things are a hassle) on the stage. the movie tells the scrollpage to load content from an outside swf called testes.swf (short for testimonials). in testes.swf, there are a series of invisable buttons on top of client testimonials. when you press the button, it calls a startDrag for a movie that is sitting off the stage. the button code is such:

      on (press) {
      hedy._visible = true;
      on (rollOut) {
      hedy._visible = false;

      this all works fine then the testes.swf is previewed by itself, but when it is loaded as content into the scrollPane, the button functions don't work. is it a file path issue? please help me! this is the last problem in a very frustrating process that has beenthe creation of this project.