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    Adding location field info to multiple photos loses the GPS coordinates


      All of my photos have GPS latitude and longitude data and I love the reverse geocoding that Lightroom does.  However, I often want to add sublocation info to a batch of photos at a time.  When I do this, it unfortunately wipes the other reverse geocode fields (city, state, country, ISO country code).  I understand now that to keep these, I must first commit each of the other fields before adding the sublocation info.  However, after I've committed all this info including sublocation, I'm shocked to find that the GPS lat-long field has gone blank for all of the photos. (oddly it keeps the altitude field though).  Is this because it wants all the GPS coordinates to be identical for a given sublocation?  I hope not -- a sublocation like a park or a castle is big enough to have different lat-long for various photos taken there.  Is there any way to avoid losing all the GPS field data??  Is there any way to recover it when it suddenly disappears from a large batch of photos?  For times that I've had a separate GPS tracklog, I've tried reencoding the batch of photos but it seems that when you have manually inserted location data (or maybe it's just the sublocation data?) then it fails at reencoding them (using Jeffrey Friedl's geoencoding plugin).  I am able to add back the GPS lat-long manually via the LR map module but I'm just guessing at approximate locations when I use that.