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    Adobe's opportunity - Create a Muse for DP


      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the link! Yes I do want to learn how to use ID but don't have days and weeks to burn.  I have taught myself how to use many Adobe apps but ID has been a tough nut.  I'm not looking for a set up wizard but it would be nice if ID would auto respond to horizontal or vertical orientation. Correct me if I'm wrong but appears one mu


      With millions of artist and photographers needing a digital portfolio I think it would be advantageous for Adobe to address the need with a simple app that does just that. I get that ID can do it but you have to step out of the box for a sec and imagine a busy photog or artist pulling up a chair to their MacBook, opening ID and suddenly faced with so many little options (pixels, device, orientation, etc) that their eyes glaze over.

      A simple app that:

      1. Integrated with LR

      2. Offered flexible templates

      3. Responsive to devices and orientation

      4. Ease of distribution

      5. Used EXIF data to display file names on thumbnails and full size view


      Like I said earlier, there are dozens of portfolio apps in the iTunes store. These companies are profiting from a huge demand for digital portfolios!  Why aren't these people using ID instead?  Because while it can do the job and be very powerful it lacks one thing: Ease of use.


      Bob what may be easy for you is not necessarily easy for others. Just like painting a landscape or a portrait might be easy for me it might not be easy for others.  When I teach I don't start out with overcomplicated techniques.


      Similarly Adobe recognized this and created Muse because people found Dreamweaver to be overly complicated.  I'm sure you can find people on the DW forum defending it and those that found it difficult to use either needed to LEARN or give up and hire someone.


      Thankfully Adobe responded to the vacuum in their product line with Muse to offer a simple yet elegant app for those busy professionals that didn't have time to learn DW.


      There needs to be a Muse for digital publishing. Right now people look to see what Adobe has and maybe tinker with ID for a while and get frustrated with the complexity and then go on the app store and buy a Portfolio app. Adobe is losing millions of dollars to these portfolio apps. That's because these apps are specifically designed to build a portfolio. That focused reason is why they are more simple to use!


      Bob if you work at Adobe why don't you lead the charge to create this new Muse for digital publishing, help Adobe make millions of dollars and get yourself a pay raise while you're at it!