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    Lightroom 5.7 is not responding




      At the advice of a friend I followed several steps after my Lightroom stopped responding and having other issues starting about three weeks ago.


      System Information


      Windows 8.1 Home Premium x64 bit

      Lightroom 5.7

      Plenty of room on hard drive


      I restarted my computer and recorded the process of opening Lightroom.


      I opened the program, it took 10 seconds for the license badge with the developers name to appear, at 33 seconds the photos showed up, and at 52 seconds the photos stopped loading and I was able to interact with the program. As time went by, about 10 minutes, Lightroom became less and less responsive, flashing the window grey ('Not responding'). Eventually it just froze up altogether and stayed stuck in 'Not responding.' This was all done in 'Develop' and when I tried to go to 'Library' the program would not allow me to do anything.


      I do not know if importing would create additional problems, all these problems came about while working with photos already in Lightroom.


      Please help, this has been incredibly frustrating!