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    Add watermark from file coding


      I have some excel VBA script that will print data that is entered into an excel spreadsheet to pdf and then insert it into a default layout pdf as a watermark. In order to keep this as understandable and short as possible, it appears that when using this method of inserting a watermark using VBA, that the watermark is not actually part of the pdf. When the pdf is created, it is 11x17 and in portrait mode. To fill out the data fields it must be rotated to landscape mode. The problem arises when you try to print the pdf. If you print it while it is in landscape mode, the pdf is printed in landscape but the watermark is printed in portrait. This means that all the data that is supposed to be there is rotated 90 degrees or not printed on the sheet at all. To print it correctly, the pdf must be oriented in portrait mode.



      My thoughts so far:

      1. Is there any code to force the pdf to always print in portrait mode despite what you see while the file is open?
      2. Is there some other code to make the watermark actually orient with the base pdf layout?


      Any other ideas or suggestions?