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    External drives and file-linking confusion


      This is partly a Lightroom question and partly an OS X question.


      I have had an G-Raid Studio connected (via thunderbolt) to my mid-2011 Mac Mini (10.10.4) for some time. It primarily holds folders of photographs.


      Today the drive started appearing twice in Finder: two icons representing the same drive but at two different time states. One icon points to the current version of the drive (with the latest images I added yesterday). The other points to the drive as it existed before yesterday (before the most recent additions).


      Lightroom can only see the older version of the drive, even though the new folders of images added yesterday are showing up in FOLDERS. With question marks, of course, and the usual way I repoint folders to the correct or new locations isn't working.


      I assume I need to find a way to force Finder to forget the older version of this drive.


      Any suggestions greatly appreciated.