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    What are the recommended settings for exporting photos for web?


      I am a photographer, so the images would be used for my blog... and still need to looks decent.
      They are also the images I turn in to clients, so again, they need to look decent, but be the right size for web.
      I've played around, and when keeping the "Quality" at 100%, but setting to 72 dpi, the image remains the same size at 300 dpi.
      So then I brought the quality down to 50%, but even light vignetting looked absolutely horrible. (Very noticeable sections of different colors.)
      So now I'm stuck.
      72 dpi & 300 dpi made no size difference (can't explain that one.)
      100% quality looked good but was too large for web.
      50% quality looked mediocre at best.
      Any suggestions? What's the standard practice?
      Thanks in advance.