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    Mercury Transmit not working with Quadro K5000 for Mac

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I have two monitors attached to a Quadro K5000 for Mac: a 30” ACD and 24” HP LP2480zx.  I set the HP (“Adobe Monitor 2: 1920 x 1200” in the Video Preview Preferences) as the Video Device.


      It works great in Pr, and sends full-screen display to Monitor 2, but in Ae, when I turn it on, the “full screen” display from Ae shows a 1920 x 1200 image in the top left of my 30” ACD ("Adobe Monitor 1: 2560 x 1600”).


      Since this image covers the menu items at the top of my 30” display, the only way to get out of this mode is to Force Quit Ae.


      The fact that Mercury Transmit works GREAT in Pr leads me to believe that this is an Ae issue, and not the Quadro or a driver.  But, I could be wrong about that, and would appreciate any helpful input.


      This behavior is exhibited in Ae CC 2014 and CC 2015, and whether I boot into the OSX Nvidia Driver or the NVIDIA Web Driver in the System Preferences > NVIDIA Driver Manager.



      Sidebar:  If I select my Kona LHi as the Video Device, and change the input on my HP accordingly, it works fine, as expected.  That’s all well and good and a backup option, but I prefer to use the Displayport input and Quadro, because there is zero lag, whereas the lag to the Kona is random, and only predictable in its unpredictability.  And, if I want to switch between Ae and Pr, I have to change the input on the HP with every switch, and that sucks.

      Thank you.