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    Disappearing Topic Links and Word Error Code 1257

      I am a new user of RHW. I inherited a file from the previous TW at the company where I'm consulting, and it is completely a mess. I keep getting Word Error Code 1257 intermittently when I try to save the file (and I did consult the knowledge base to find a fix for it, and then turn all autosave functions in Word off, but it keeps happening). When I get this error code, it claims that the file is in use by another process and it won't save. Trying to get out of the error cycle invariably crashes my machine.

      On top of that, when I reopen my projects, all the topic links are broken and the .cnt file is missing. I have tried resolving the links, one at a time, and I'm having trouble getting them inserted in the correct places in the document. Is there any way to automate or speed up the process? I have a 40 000 word help document with 288 topics.

      Can anyone tell me a) what's going on and why this is happening, and b) how I can fix it with a minimal amount of pain and anguish? I have tried manually rebuilding the file (and I got Word Error 1257 again, then my manually-rebuilt file was corrupted). I have tried (re)importing the .doc source file into RHHTML and RHWord, and it crashed both times.

      I am using Word 2000. I don't know what version the original file was built in; the company seems to have several.