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    global click action?


      I am so new to edge animate and coding, but still attempting to make an interactive graphic. I am using the "click" action to "show" and "hide" symbols I have created. I have had success with "show" -- when the user clicks on an graphic icon (symbol), a text descriptor box (symbol) comes up -- as it is a simple action. But I would like to know how to "hide" that symbol (the text descriptor box) when the user clicks on one of the other 15 graphic icons (each a symbol) not knowing which of those 15 graphic icons the user will select. I have used the "mouseleft" action and similar "mouse..." actions, but that causes problems if they just want to scroll down to read the entire text descriptor box. Is there a way to hide a symbol when the user clicks on any other action -- a global setting per se? And if so, what does that code look like?