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    Syncing RAW adjustments between Lightroom/ACR/PS

    RussKNY Level 1



      I understand that when round-tripping files between Lightroom and Photoshop, it's possible to open a RAW file as a smart-object and then have the ability to make adjustments to this RAW file using ACR within Photoshop, thus retaining the ability to edit the original RAW file.


      The questions I have is, let's say I open a RAW file in PS as a smart-object, make my edits and then save it as a PSD so the file appears in the Lightroom library; if I then make changes to the original RAW file (the same one that was opened in PS as a smart-object) inside Lightroom, is there a way to make these changes be reflected in the PSD file that's referencing the original RAW file? And also, if I make changes to the RAW file while inside PS using ACR, is there a way to have these changes transfer over to the RAW file in the Lightroom library?


      I hope this wasn't too confusing and thanks in advance for your assistance!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom does nondestructive edits by never changing the original files; all "edits" are recorded in the catalog. If you want to see these changes outside of LR, you need to "export" the edits to a new image file, or select "edit in..." to save the LR edits and open a new file in a different editor.


          Photoshop, too, does not make changes to your raw files. The raw file gets read and saved to a PSD file.


          The communication between LR and PS or LR and any other editor is limited due to the design of nondestructive edits never updating the original files.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The PSD is not referencing the original raw file. The PSD is an independent file created by Photoshop that contains all of the Photoshop adjustments that were made up to the point when the file was saved. The PSD is not connected to the original raw file. Therefore, adjustments made to the original raw file cannot/will not be reflected in a previously created PSD file.

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              RussKNY Level 1

              Hey guys,


              Thanks for the replies. I understand that original RAW files aren't modified by Lightroom/ACR and all adjustments are stored in the database file. However, by opening a RAW file in Photoshop from within Lightroom as a smart-object, I am still able to make adjustments at the "RAW level" using ACR by double-clicking the bottom-most layer. So I can open a RAW file as a smart-object, make destructive edits in PS, save the file as PSD, then re-open it and still have the ability to perform "RAW" adjustments on the original file. So I guess what I'm wondering is, are these adjustments saved inside the PSD file or something like an ACR database?


              Thanks again!

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                ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                Inside the PSD. Photoshop does all its saving to the PSD file, which technically makes it destructive editing. Yes, with a smart object, you can get the raw file back to its original state. However, Photoshop is not talking to any other app or database.

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  To view the edits you have made to a RAW file in LR in Adobe Camera RAW you have to save those LR edits to either a XMP Sidecar file or to the file itself if you are using the DNG file format. To do that automatically in the Catalog preferences you have to check the option to Auto Write changes to XMP.


                  Then when you open that RAW image in ACR you will see the changes. If you make further change to that RAW file in ACR when you get back to LR you might have to Load those change into LR.