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    (AE CS6) Dedicating a GTX 780 for Ray Tracing with GTX 980 as main card?


      So I recently upgraded to a Geforce GTX 980, which has been pretty great for gaming and such but I've noticed upon attempting to export an After Effects project, my PC would always crash. Eventually researched yielded that GPUs using Maxwell chip architecture ( i.e. GTX 980, 970, 960, 980 Ti, 750, 750 Ti, and Titan X ) don't support Ray Tracing in AE CS6.


      But, I still have my GTX 780 which uses the previous Kepler chip architecture, that does support Ray Tracing...


      Would it be possible for me to plug that card in my 2nd PCI-E slot and set that as my main Ray-Tracing Render card ( as well as a PhysX card for games using intense PhysX effects ) while totally ignoring (or not using) my GTX 980 (even though it's running my one and only display monitor)?


      Has this been tried before, will or won't it work? Or will I have to try it myself, see what happens and post the results?