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    e-pub_adept_expired error


      I've been successfully downloading epub books onto my laptop, and transfering them to my kobo reader.   I had a book on loan which expired, and attempted to reinstall the book (which I've done previously).  To accomplish this, I always remove the originally downloaded volume from the library and device, and then download the newly borrowed same volume.  This has worked very well for weeks.  Yesterday and today, it is not, and to my knowledge, I have checked and re-checked everything in detail.


      I'm using Adobe Digital Editions 4.0, on Windows 7.  I have reviewed MANY of the previous problems, and have:

      1. Confirmed that my computer is displaying the proper time zone (currently in Asia), date, and time.  (multiple times verified)
      2. Re-synchronized the computer's clock with Internet time (twice, and yes, it's correct).
      3. Removed the old editions from the hard drive.  I noticed that while I had removed them from the library and from the device using ADE, the files remained in the "My Digital Editions folder.
      4. Removed the files allocations in the Annotations sub-folder.
      5. I looked for, but do not have the Restore folder in the My Digital Editions folder (one set of suggestions involved renaming this folder)
        1. In short, there are no files of the titles remaining on my computer.
      6. Just in case, I re-set the computer clock to the same time zone as the library where I borrowed the book:  It did not change the error message so I re-set it back to my current location, and resynchronized the internet time.

      I have looked for a troubleshoot / update option in ADE, without finding it.

      I would appreciate some specific direction - I'm frustrated.