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    Specifying a font of "font.HelvB" produces a non-bold font that is the same as font.Helv.  How do I make a bold Helvetica font?


      I'm using Acrobat X with JavaScript and am attempting to specify a bold Helvetica font via "font.HelvB".  However, the resulting font isn't bold and is the same as specifying "font.Helv".


      How do I make a bold Helvetica font?


      I did search around on this and it appears the Helvetica did not used to be supported by earlier versions of Acrobat but Helvetica seems to be supported with Acrobat X.  This means, I presume, that the bold Helvetica font is installed with Acrobat X and therefore I don't need to install the bold Helvetica font separately.


      Thanks for your help.