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    New error, "end of file"

      I'm a bit stumped by this one..

      <background> Been using CPS just fine for 3-4 months without any significant issues </background>

      It wasn't used for a few days, and now when I try to boot Contribute I get the error "end of file or no input:'Operation interrupted or timed out'" None of the server settings have changed.

      I am able to login to the web admin and test the LDAP bind, and it is working, but seems to be a bit slow. I can do lookups, and successfully test authentication. But again, it's slow.

      I'm wondering if it is timing out when using contribute, since it is slow. And is the issue the LDAP, or HTTPS, because the error says, "when trying to connect to https://mywebsite" Maybe my sys admin changed something in the firewall, LDAP, or AD. However I need to narrow this down to the service where the error is.

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          Johndgraham Level 1
          Just a follow for the thread archives. My suspicions about the issue having to do with timeouts was correct, however was out of my control. There were some changes with our AD Domain Controller (DC), and it was erring out. When using the web interface, I was in essence testing through DC1, but when working in another building and working with dreamweaver and Contribute I was hitting DC2 in the AD domain where my errors were occurring.

          Best of luck in solving your problem.