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    Contribute Dropping Connections

      About every two weeks or so, I get an email from one of my Contribute 3 users (the same one every time!) that her Contribute is no longer connected to the server. We have to reconnect her every time. She is an Admin, so she missed out on drafts that have been submitted to her every time her connection fails. I have never had this problem myself, being the other Admin, and she never had this problem until about 2 months ago. We are trying to figure out what causes this so we can fix it. It is getting very tiresome having to reconnect her every two weeks. She does not actively disconnect it, it just disconnects at random times when she opens Contribute. We have yet to see anything in common with the times that it disconnects. If anyone has any ideas what could be causing this and/or how we could fix it, I would be most grateful! Thank you!