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    The recent upgrade to LR CC 2015 simply does not work!


      The program freezes when I try to switch from library to develop module.  I have read extensively across the web the LR 6 is littered with problems, especially around the GPU.  I am in the unfortunate situation of paying for a service that I am unable to use because it seems that LR & AMD graphics processors are not compatible with each other!


      I don't care who is blame - this product should not have been rolled out without extensive and confident testing.  I am thoroughly dissatisified that I am now able to edit the photos I had promised to my client, whilst I wait for Adobe & AMD to sort out this issue.  For a moment there I tempted to request some form of compensation - but doubt if Adobe would entertain such a thought..


      Is Adobe working on this problem?  From what I have seen thus far there is little or no communication to suggest that they are.