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    Aperture to Lightroom


      Hi there,

      I've searched all over but can't seem to find a simple solution to my problem... I basically want to import my photos from aperture to lightroom but the import button remains resolutely greyed out :-( Any one have a solution (in simple terms if poss please!) for fixing...?

      I am using Lightroom 5 on a MacBook Pro.

      Thanks :-)


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          There is a plugin to do this. Search Google for it. It is made, distributed, by Adobe.


          But I suggest you don't use it and just start over by importing the actual images into LR. If you let Aperture take control of how you originally imported images then it is a bit harder. If you had control of where the images were stored then it is easier to import them from the folder you stored them in.

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            trinak1101 Level 1

            Hi Shootistbond007. Thank you for your reply! :-) It's actually the plug in that I am trying to use, but when I click to use it the menu that pops up has the import button greyed out. I will have a go at importing them separately though I think, as you suggest. I think part of the problem may be something to do with the fact that Photos migrated my aperture library, so I now seem to have an iPhoto library, a Photos and a Photos2 library :-( Not sure how I can import separate folders from the library... I may have to just keep the library(ies) as is and start using Lightroom anew with all new imports... wish me luck!