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    GPU, VRAM for LR6 photo editing?


      Request to advise a GPU please, for requirements:

      1) large raw photo (upto 150 MB) processing

      2) full HD video editing (few times a year - family/holiday video)

      3) not expecting to upgrade GPU for at least 3 years

      4) no gaming


      Would appreciate two options to choose based on their merits: e.g. a GPU with 2 GB VRAM vs 4 GB VRAM vs 8GB

      Can you pls also explain - how much VRAM is needed? a)minimum   b)ideal/good_to_have   c)overkill



      Image: Buying perpetual Lightroom 6 (now supports GPU acceleration)

      Video: New to video editing, pls suggest - free & paid


      Current build:

      i5 4670K, Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H

      G Skill 2x8 PC3-19200 DDR3 2400MHz Gaming Kit

      (can upgrade to 32 GB, if/when needed)

      Samsung 840 EVO 250GB + WD Black Enterprise 2TB

      Corsair RM650 80 Plus Gold 650W

      LG 27MB85Z-B 27" ColourPrime Professional (2560 x 1440)


      Thanks a lot for your help.