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    FYI report of crashes & error messages ADE 4


      This is a problem report FYI and not a question. I am using the very latest ADE under Windows Vista. While I recently had numerous difficulties mostly concerning initial activation of device authorization, those snags eventually ironed themselves out and they are not the subject of this post.


      No, the subject of this post is a report of several crashes and error messages, yet the software did succeed in doing what I asked, which was to return each of 10 books that I had checked out from my local public library. That lending library uses the Overdrive system, specifically wvreads.lib.overdrive.com. I/we had read ALL of the borrowed titles and the purpose of my interaction with ADE was to return them several days earlier then when due so as to make room for more titles to be checked out (as only 10 can be checked out at a time). Of course the Overdrive system returns them automatically after I think 12 days if no preemptive action is taken.


      So I launched ADE 4 and went to the "Borrowed" subsection. I right-clicked each book in succesion chosing "Return borrowed item". At first it worked fine but on the third (or 4th?) book I got a pop-up (from Windows?) saying "The program has stopped working and will be closed now and Windows will check for a solution". The program quit/vanished after I closed that dialog pop-up. When I relaunched ADE I tried again returning the book that had produced the balk but I got an error message, non-fatal, saying "Error communicating with the License Server, ERR-BAD-LOAN-ID". I figured (later, in retrospect) that was simply because despite the fatal stoppage, ADE had in fact successfully returned that book.


      Anyway, so I proceeded with the rest of my borrowed titles and AGAIN on the third one (or fourth, my memory is hazy) I got that fatal stop with the pop-up saying the program would close and Windows would look for a solution, Upon relaunching and retrying to return the book that caused the hiccup I got that non-fatal error, BAD-LOAN-ID, because as I found out later, it had indeed been successfully returned. After that, I finished returning the lot of 10 borrowed items, all okay.


      That concludes my report of apparent malfunction of ADE 4 for techs to view and assess.

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          Argh, more inexplicable errors and crashes.


          Okay so I thence selected 10 more titles to borrow via the Overdrive system using my local library card. I downloaded the 10 .ascm files. I opened them one by one. Most of them were fulfilled okay, actually all 10 of them but 3 of them crashed the program, yet upon relaunching the program ('had to unplug my Nook or it REFUSED to relaunch!) I saw that they had indeed been fulfulled. Then I attempted to copy the 10 books onto my Nook, one by one, but the 3 that had crashed the software when being "fulfilled" would not copy onto the Nook and error messages displayed for them claiming there lacked any "permission" to copy those files (these were non-crashing non-fatal errors). I removed the 3 offending items and RE-DOWNLOADED those 3 .ascm files and tried again, but to no avail, as it was a repeat fiasco of the 1st attempt. The 7 other titles were handled without any glitches though.


          There you have it. It kinda sucks. If problems like this persist I'll try uninstalling ADE 4 and revert to ADE 3.