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    Speeding up Data Merge Output - Files of 50k+ Pages


      Hello InDesign Community,


      I was hoping someone could advise or point me in the right direction. I have researched this topic and may just not be using the right words, but I don't see strings about trying to merge files larger than 1000 pages, or I see strings about people trying to render separate pdfs. I need this all as one pdf.


      I have been assigned the task of outputting large pdfs that contain merged information for about 25000 records in an excel file. Being that the documents are two pages, (front and back) that makes the total output 50k pdf pages.

      These are to be printed and mailed.


      1. I would like to know how I could go about speeding up the process.

           a. Would a faster computer drastically change my output speeds?

           b. Is there a way to utilize an idle machine to do the rendering?

           c. Could I ever get this render time for 50000 pages down to 15 minutes?


      2. Are there any scripts for data merging that takes the process from InDesign

           a. I know an IT guy that talks of scripts that run the merge in the background but has yet to provide me one.

           b. Are there any after market programs.

           c. Anyone willing to show me how to script a data merge


      Also our office is PC oriented.


      Any insight would be appreciated. Let me know if you need clarification on anything I described above.