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    AVI importing trouble 86::1 it may be unsupported FORMAT, but it importing in outdated versions


      Hello, some days later i have WINDOWS 8.1 + After Effects CC 2014, i work with my project well, i make movie.

      Today i reinstall all system clearly WINDOWS 10 + After Effects CC 2015 but when i try import my last project for EDIT, AE tell me After Effects error 3.avi cannot be imported it may be unsupported format.


      Some note:

      2 years ago, i have same problem in After Effects CC i used script to change VIDEO CONTAINER from AVI to MP4, and then video importing well, and now i have same situation, but magic.. a few times later I able to import files without change container to this day, I do not remember what I change but i can import .AVI files without change container from AVI to MP4.

      What i can try to able IMPORT AVI files? May be i need install some codecs or something else? PLS HELP! sor for bad english.