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    Being forced to update?

    Hello, I'm Emily

      I'm being forced to download new feature for Windows 10, but I don't have, nor want to install Windows 10. When I open CC, I am prompted to install this new feature or quit (image 1). When I choose to install, it says it was unable to install, with error code 46 (image 2). Can I ignore the update prompt and use CC like before or is there some way to make the update work?




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          Brucgovn Adobe Community Professional

          Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall temporarily ,


          Right click on Adobe Creative Cloud icon and select " Run As Administrator"  and try to update again .




          You can try uninstalling and reinstalling .


          End all Adobe processes like Creative Cloud , AAMUpdater....etc from Task Manager.


          Use CC Uninstaller and uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud.


          Creative Cloud Help | Uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app



          Step 1)


          Step 1 :

          Open C:drive and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ " Common Files" \Adobe.

          Open Adobe folder and delete folders named Adobe Application Manager and OOBE.


          Step 2:


          Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe.

          Open Adobe folder and if present delete Adobe Creative Cloud folder. [**important]

          Unable to delete ?? Rename it as Adobe Creative Cloud-old.


          Step 3 :


          Press Windows button (located between Ctrl and Alt buttons) along with R button together at a time , you will get a run command window.

          Type in below command and hit 'Enter' key.


          Then navigate to Local>Adobe.

          Open Adobe folder and delete folders named AAMUpdater and OOBE.

          Step 4 :

          Download Creative Cloud setup file :


          Step 5 :

          Move Creative Cloud setup.exe from Downloads folder to C: drive.

          Then install Adobe Creative Cloud app.