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    printing a movie clip and it comes out all black

      I am printing a movie clip and it works fine if I run it locally on my machine, prints perfectly. I upload the swf to our framework, and run the same print function, it comes out completely black. But this doesnt happen on all computers, only some. Some it works fine, but I can't figure out any correlation between the compuuters it works on. So far, I have only seen it work on flash 8, but not all flash 8, as I tried it and it came out black for me. I have tried using print() and the printjob class with no luck.

      The framework that I am uploading to is a flash movie that has a black background, that holds the one I am working on, if that helps at all. Confusing problem, so let me know if any other info I can provide. Hoping somebody else has seen this before.