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    How can I convert an epub (fixed layout) to mobi in order to publish on Amazon. Kindlegen gives me a list of errors and can't convert it.  It runs well on an iPad though and was accepted on the iBooks Store.


      I exported my laid out e-book from InDesign as an epub (fixed layout). I tried to publish it on googlePlay/books just to find the platform is down and didn't accept any new authors (already for months). I tried to convert it to mobi and publish it for Kindle on Amazon, but conversion failed be it on their website, with Kindle Previewer or with Kindlegen (giving a long list of errors). The only publishing platform that had no problems with the file is Apple's iBook Store. But that is a poor performance for a replacement for CC's option to publish single apps so enthusiastically announced by Adobe.

      Does anybody know another way to convert an epub 3.0 (fixed layout) to mobi format?