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    How to create a banner size mouseover that turns on only at the end. (In Adobe Edge Animate)


      A general banner practice is to have the whole banner be clickable, as well as trigger the mouseover and mouseout.


      In flash you would make an invisible button that captured events, and then it would tell an internal timeline of a CTA graphic to play, and that would scale it up.  I would also (on the main timeline where there was all the basic animation) do an opacity fade up of the CTA at the end. Flash would allow me to set the rollover and rollout functionality on the last frame, so none of the rollover code would execute while the button was in its invisible state.


      In edge animate I know how to make a symbol, with an internal timeline that scale the asset. I know how to use another layer's action to talk to that symbols timeline and play it and reverse it.


      But I can't figure out how to make the mouseover and mouseout code execute ONLY when the banner has played through the main timeline animation.