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    weird fps


      can someone help explain what is happening? my clip is 600 fps but when i put it into ae it gives me this bogus number and my clip becomes un-editable Screenshot by Lightshot

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, where did you get that video? Second, will it play in any media players or in Premiere Pro or load in the Adobe Media Encoder. If it will then transcode it to a standard production codec.


          NOTE: The maximum interpreted frame rate for AE is 99fps. NOTHING will play back video at 600 FPS. If it was shot at that speed then it will just playback slowly. For example, if you interpret 600 fps footage as 30 fps 1 second in real time will take 20 seconds to play back on video.


          Last point. It is much easier for us to tell what's going on with a screenshot if you include a bunch more information like the file interpretation panel and some more of the comp. You can just drag your screenshot into the reply field of this comp and it will be uploaded or you can use the little camera icon. Some folks will not even click on external links because there's no way to know where that are going to take you.

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            anthonyf35083329 Level 1

            i got this video footage from a friend that he recorded from a video game. the footage plays fine by itself but if were to add any audio the clips becomes 1 second long and if i also try to interpret the footage to say 60 frames per second it becomes a still image and is locked on one frame.Screenshot_5.jpg

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Load it into the AME and try and render a DI (Digital intermediate) using something like Quicktime JPEG compression. I guarantee you the video is not 600 fps.

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                anthonyf35083329 Level 1

                you were right & i think i know what's wrong. thank you for helping me rick.