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    PHP Form Mailer not working/sending email after Server switch to Windows

    julz2150 Level 1

      I'm not sure is this is the right directory but if not please appoint me to it. I recently transferred my website from Linux to Windows. All I did to transfer was download a local copy and upload the full site to the new server. ..Transferred it to a windows server to change a few items and now the form is no longer sending the email as it should. The form itself is working fine, but we are not receiving the inputted information. I am not sure what I need to do.. Someone told me the check PHP on the server... is is currently active PHP version 5.4. It is hosted on Godaddy. I see there are setting for permissions.. I do not know PHP myself so I am just trying to see why we are not getting any emails. Can anyone tell me where to START?