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    Building a Doom like game

      This question mostly goes to necromanthus, but anyone may reply if they have some info to include.

      First off after playing the doom game that necromanthus redveloped, I was totally amazed that it would be possible to do in shockwave. That being said, I wanted to know about a few things.

      1. Did necromanthus use a level editor to build the map?
      2. How do you think about where I should put the keys.
      3. How do you come up with what textures and props to put in each room. (please be specific. don't just say by creating a premise or story first)

      The reason why I say be more specific than saying first create a premise is because I have one and I still don't understand what textures to use, where should my props go, and where to hide the keys. To help you guys better of understanding where I am going I will give you my premise, but please beaware that I understand that I could not sell this game becuase of copyrights infridments. I am only doing this to understand how to develop a game.

      My premise...
      My world is a science fiction where the Energizer manufacture started making Enegizer Bunny dolls to sell on the market. The idea was to develope a doll that can walk and pound on his drums and say a few phrases. However, one egineer who works for Enegizer put a virus in the micro-chip and the bunnies now want to take over the world. They will do anything to make this happen including making infected spider-robots, baby Enegizer Bunny dolls, and a few other robots that I have not come up with yet. In addition, all the enemies can infect the people to do anything under the President Enegizer commands, which is to make more enemies. Also the enemies can infect you, but when that happens the gae is over. The baby Enegizer bunny dolls will infect you and others in the world by using there drum stick as a magic wand, and the spider-robots bite injecting their venum into the blood of inocent people and you as well. Your goal is to do the following...
      1. Kill the enimies that get in your way
      2. At each level you need to blow-up the Enegizer Pack which if you don't, other enemies can recharge the dead enemies.
      3. Also at each level you need to collect medicine packs that will kill the infection to you and the innocent infected people.
      4. At the last level Find the president Enegizer Bunny and kill him.

      ...as you can see I have a basic idea, but what will the insides of each manufacture look like etc is the question.
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          Surely its just a case of being creative and using your imagination?

          If you dont know where to put objects or how to texture them, just look at what the object looks like in real life, of how it looks in a film or game or what ever. Sometimes its best just to experiment and you can soon find out if the idea works or not...